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Kitchen Knife for Arthritis Sufferers

Kitchen Knife with Soft Grip Handle

Using kitchen knives with hard handles can be difficult for a person with arthritic hands. The Dexter DuoGlide knife range is specially designed with soft grip handles that are easy for arthritis sufferers to manage.

The Dexter DuoGlide 8-Inch Carbon Steel Chef’s Knife with Soft Grip Handle shown below is an example of these high quality knives. There are other knives in this range also listed on

  • Chef’s knife; 8-inch blade
  • Stain-free blade; high carbon steel for maximum corrosion resistance
  • Edge is individually ground and honed to the ultimate edge
  • Handle has soft, high-impact, stain resistant core
  • Soft-touch textured grip; sealed to blade for utmost sanitation


Here are some other knife listings for comparison

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